More Resources & Guides:

"Measuring Up: How to Make Sure Your School Complies with Massachusetts Student Discipline Laws" explains Massachusetts' new school discipline law like a graphic novel and provides steps you can take to change discipline practices in your schools.  The BPS Code gives you more rights than the state law, so, if you attend a BPS school, use our app first - everyone will find something helpful in the toolkit.

Youth-led research and information on the School-to-Prison Pipeline and its connection to school discipline, restorative justice practices, and more ways to get involved to end the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Research, information, and tools on school pushout, school discipline, and alternatives


A guide to school discipline and steps parents and families can take to help their child when they are disciplined. Information in Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole also available

A report from the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice on rates of school discipline in Massachusetts in the 2012-2013 School Year.

A guide to restorative justice practices in schools for educators.

Resources on bullying, youth organizing, and academic help.